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07/28/09 11:14 PM #1    

George Cagasan

I took some of the images and did a simple imovie slideshow.

Aloha, George

08/17/14 10:40 PM #2    


Bella Cadavona

Hi George,

GREAT JOB!!! smiley This is actually my first time browsing through our high school website.




03/02/19 05:04 PM #3    

Deborah Pacheco (Feiteira)

I was wondering about our 40th class reunion

03/03/19 12:33 PM #4    

Leimomi Golis

Hi Deborah, this is Leimomi. So far there is nothing planned for our 40th reunion. I haven’t heard anything from previous reunion planners on Maui. If someone is willing to volunteer perhaps it will get the ball rolling. It’s time consuming and a big responsibility to take on so I understand why nothing has been done yet. Stay tuned. Aloha,

03/05/19 01:25 PM #5    

Kevin Gavagan

I have never been to a reunion although I spend alot of time being entertained by pictures on this reunion site. Thanks to all those who put it together. Everytime there was some big reunion 10, 20, 30 my life got interrupted with ie. daughter was born on the 20th reunion and other such things. Maybe if I volunteer I might actually come. Don't know what it actuall entails to get a ball rolling but I still live on Maui and I still see and hear from many of you. Hope to help, hope to find some direction. If you leave it up to me I will have us all running a mile to see who wins then we go meet NASCA like the old days, only now get plenty trees.

04/30/19 03:35 AM #6    

Marlene Fernandez (Keawe)

Is Robin planning this 40th alll alone?

05/01/19 11:58 AM #7    

Robin Long (Vierra)

 lol...Oh no Marlene, I definitely  would not do it by myself. So far Daphne Luna, Norine Souza, Karen Huesing, and Audrey Fernandez has been helping out. As it gets closer we might need more volunteers. We have some classmates that are already volunteering to help. Just wanted to get the ball rolling and do something for our 40th. Hope to see you there!!!

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